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  • Samsung introduced 256GB UFS2.0 memory chip

    Millet 5 conference Lei Jun mentioned millet 5 with a new UFS2.0 memory chip, faster than eMMC5.0 87%. Now Samsung announced that the industry's first 256GB UFS2.0 internal memory chip was born, it will be mainly used in high-end smart phones and other equipment. Obviously Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is missed with the chip, follow-up Galaxy Note6 is expected to follow up, or Samsung follow-up launch 256GB version of the Galaxy S7 is not necessarily.

    In fact, last year's Galaxy S6 release, Samsung said they will enter the UFS2.0 solution research and development, and pointed out that this is the future of mobile storage. UFS2.0 not only read and write faster, and read and write can be carried out at the same time. Galaxy S6 was released on the occasion, Samsung announced the industry's first 128GB UFS2.0 chip, S6 naturally took the lead in the use of this technology.

    In terms of specific performance, Samsung said 256GB UFS2.0 chip maximum read speed of up to 850MB / s, write speed up to 260MB / s, read speed almost twice the ordinary SSD, write speed is almost high MicroSD card three times. Another Samsung said the chip size is much smaller than the microSD card, giving the mobile phone manufacturers more design space.